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nt. Of course it mightn’t ●suit any one with even an elementary code of● principles, but having none of any k●ind or description it suits me down t●o the ground and up to the sky.” ■“

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  • iam, the shoulders on that creature! After ●four years of not e
  • specially pretty sm●ells and not especially pretty noise●s, wh
  • at do you think that those July evenings u■nder the awn
  • ings on your ver●anda meant to a God-forsak


  • en flying chap ba?/li>
  • 馽k from the wars, W
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  • illiam?” William ●looked frankly unappeased. “A ■hell of a lot of difference it makes● what I think! I know one God-forsak●en flying chap who271 thought it wasn’t go●od enough for him, by a long shot. Not ■while
  • he could hop off and rot ●his soul out in a water-logged bamboo sha■ck in Asia!” The owner of the bambo■o shack settled deeper into his chair● with a graceless and engaging grin. “●My dear chap, it was Heaven, pure and simple ?/a>

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